Verde Canyon Train Ride 1st Class


Verde Canyon Railroad is Arizona’s longest-running nature show, a wilderness train ride following the scenic Verde River

Verde Canyon Railroad offers a 4-hour wilderness excursion into an area of extreme natural beauty, following the natural curves created by the glistening Verde River. The train passes through 20 miles of red rock canyon, full of unusual geology, abundant wildlife, lush greenery, and Native-American ruins, on vintage rails aboard meticulously-restored, climate-controlled passenger cars. There is something wonderful to be seen each season, as the train runs year-round. 

First-class passage, accommodating fewer passengers than coach, includes spacious living room-style seating near panoramic windows. Other amenities include a Champagne toast upon boarding, full-service cash-bars presenting premium liquors, service at your seat and a variety of complimentary appetizers.

Did You Know?
Verde Canyon Railroad is Arizona’s longest running nature show that provides a 20-mile round trip through a wild and scenic river canyon.