Winter Wonderland

a unique experience at the Grand Canyon

Winter Trip To Grand Canyon

Are you thinking about visiting the Grand Canyon during the wintertime? You should do it! The off-season brings a wholly different perspective to what the summertime does. During winter, you can find more affordable accommodation and a more serene and quieter environment due to fewer crowds. The less congested trails and cooler temperatures are perfect for a hiking spree. The sun sets earlier while forming purple, pink and orange hues over the red rocks slightly covered in a white blanket of fresh snow. Keep an eye out for elk, California condors, bald eagles, mule deer and rock squirrels scavenging among the forests and soaring over the rim. Most animals have adapted to the cold weather and like to roam around during wintertime.

If you are now convinced into experiencing a winter wonderland at Grand Canyon, follow the tips below to start planning your adventure and to keep your mind stress-free throughout your vacation:

Dress in warm layers

During this time of the year, temperatures can reach 60°F and drop as low as 38 °F. If you are hiking, it is important that you dress in warm layers including long waterproof and windproof pants and jacket, with a long sleeve jersey underneath, socks and hiking boots with crampons as trails may be covered in ice. It is also recommended to cover your head, ears, and hands from the wind blowing on the Rim.

Stay Hydrated

Even if the temperature is low, dehydration is always a risk as the climate in Grand Canyon is drier than what you might expect from this time of the year. Make sure you not just carry enough water, but also take time to stop and hydrate yourself – especially if you are hiking!

Don’t forget your sunscreen!

The potential for sunburn can be high, as sun rays reflect off the snow. Make sure you put sunglasses and sunscreen on to protect your skin from sun exposure.

Be flexible

Unexpected closures or cancellations may occur due to unpredictable weather. Make sure to be flexible with your schedule. Improvised plans are more fun, anyway!

Tip: If you don’t feel comfortable driving on icy roads, take a tour instead.

Rain, snow or shine, one should always travel with an emergency kit. Here are the items you should bring with you on your winter vacation to avoid any undesirable scenarios:

-          Extra hat, socks, and mittens

-          Snacks and water

-          Cell phone and charger

-          Matches

-          Flashlight

-          Battery powered radio and extra batteries

-          First aid kit

-          Necessary medication

Make the most of your visit to Grand Canyon this season and book your tour here. Let the adventure begin!  

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