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The Perfect Afternoon in Arizona

The Perfect Afternoon Sedona Ticket Station

“I’m on my vacation in the most beautiful place on earth (Sedona). I have a free afternoon. What should I do?” This is a common question our friendly Sedona Ticket Station vacation planners receive from our customers. If you have a free afternoon to explore Sedona, there are two MUST do things to get the most out of your afternoon trip; Verde Canyon Railroad followed by Blazin M Ranch.


Verde Canyon Railroad is a must do if you want to relax and enjoy Sedona’s best scenery. The train leaves promptly at 1:00 pm, right on top of the early afternoon. Whether you choose to travel in the classic coach that has characterized seating; travel in the caboose section with luxury oversized chairs near panoramic windows; or travel in first class where each car has panoramic windows with living room-style seating while sipping champagne, Verde Canyon Railroad has a great selection to fit your needs.

Verde Canyon Sedona Ticket Station

After you come to an end on Arizona’s longest-running nature show 4-hours later, continue your afternoon just less than 5 miles up the road and enjoy an authentic western experience with Blazin M Ranch. Blazin’ M is one of Sedona’s most unique attraction. At 6:30 p.m. you and your fellow pioneers are invited to a climate-controlled barn for a western-style chuckwagon dinner. Bring your appetite and enjoy tender BBQ chicken, pork ribs, baked potato, Blazin M’s signature prickly pear cole slaw, and so much more other food items along with complimentary lemonade, iced tea or coffee, or premium bar drinks. After dinner, sit back and enjoy the award-winning Blazin’ M Cowboys, whose music will blow your cowboy hats off.

Blazin M Sedona Ticket Station


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