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The Authentic Western Experience: Blazin’ M Ranch

Along the Verde River in Cottonwood, Arizona, situates a place where the traditional Western becomes an experience of a lifetime! At Blazin’ M Ranch, you can find western-themed shopping, cowboy shows, entertainment at dinner, ropin’ lessons and much more.

Western Theme Town

Find the best of the West! Take a stroll down into the recently renovated frontier that will take you back in time.

Branding Iron

The first stop along Blazin’ M’s boardwalk. Here you can find Blazin’ M Ranch branded gear, perfect to bring home lasting memories of the Old West. Don’t miss the Bootlegger’s section – a culinary boutique that carries a variety of southwestern edibles and cookbooks. Guests will also find Blazin’ M’s own wines and the best of Arizona’s wines, beers and provisions, perfect for any future celebration!

Rodeo Drive

Ladies, bring out the charming and darling! This contemporary women’s boutique is perfect to find elegant cowgirl apparel, jewelry and accessories. Connect today’s fashion with the Old West.


Gentlemen, find your inner cowboy at Guslingers where you can find products like knives, flasks, leather bracelets, t-shirts and cowboy hats.

Woody & Jesse’s

Little Wranglers can also take on the Old Western shopping experience! From bedtime stories and stuffed animals to two-gallon hats and tin six-shooters, little cowboys and cowgirls are sure to leave Balzin’ M Ranch with vast Southwestern memories.

The Pistols & Petticoats Photo-Op Shop

You cannot go back home without a beautiful vintage photo of you and your family and friends! A variety of costumes, accessories and props will be available to capture your must-have classic western photo.

Ranch Adventures

Guests can also enjoy a number activities intended for all ages! Free with admission.

Vintage Tractor Pull

Visit the haunted forest, home to the Ghost Rider, and take a spin around the ranch with the wagon ride powered by a 1940’s John Deere tractor. You will be transported through history and bring back the era of when the horsepower of a farmer’s equipment was measured by the number of horses pulling it across the ground.


Ridin’ & Ropin’

Make a loop, do the swing, pick your target and throw! Real live cowboys are waiting to teach you how to rope as you become as skilled as a real wrangler.

Critter Walk

Come say hello to Al Pacino and his best friend Bert, the new resident dwarf steer or rub Penelope’s, the pot-bellied pig, fuzzy head. Dozens of friendly animals including goats, geese, donkeys, turkeys, miniature horses and peacocks will come to the fence to put a smile on your face.

Become an Outlaw

How does the outside world look from behind the bars? Throw yourself into jail and see what is like to be a bandit of the Old West.

Dining & Entertainment

It is 6:30 pm, the fun hasn’t stopped and now you are starting to starve. Come into the barn where you will experience a western-style meal served around a campfire like the good ol’ days. Dinner includes chicken and ribs, foil wrapped potato, cowboy beans, prickly pear coleslaw and flying biscuits finished with a homemade caramel apple crisp with ice cream. But the fun doesn’t stop! The lights dim and the show, featuring the Blazin’ M Cowboys, begins at 7:30 pm.  Musical talent mixed with cowboy poetry and cowboy humor will be the perfect blend to bring more laughter and joyful memories to your vacation!


Ready to step back in time with a Ranch Adventure and make your trip to Arizona unforgettable? Call us now at 1.800.284.9240 or book your tickets online.

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