Explore the beauty of Sedona

from sky view and ground level

Explore Arizona by Air and Land

Sedona, AZ is truly a unique place, one where culture and spirituality combine with history and adventure to provide a vacation where the discovery of the world goes hand in hand with a deeper knowledge of self. From skyline tours to the scenic wilderness trail, Sedona holds something different for each of its visitors. We’ve compiled a list of top things to do by air and by land.

By Air

Northern Light Balloon Expeditions

Northern Light Balloon Sedona Ticket Station

Opened since 1974, Northern Light Balloon Expeditions is the largest balloon company in Sedona. With a birds-eye view of the beautiful copper red rocks terrain below and a smooth air glide above the clouds, a Northern Light Hot Air Balloon adventure will be the highlight of your Sedona vacation.

Guidance Air

Guidance Air Sedona Ticket Station

Guidance Air is one of the best helicopter tour services Sedona has to offer. They are notoriously known for offering exclusive site tours that no other transportation would allow you to see and an experience of the red rocks you will not find anywhere else. With so much to do in Arizona, this ultimate off-road adventure is something that has to be on top of your to-do list.

By Land

Verde Canyon Railroad

Verde Canyon Railroad Sedona Ticket Station

Are you looking for a fun, family-friendly adventure mixed with old fashion and modern comfort? Look no further, Verde Canyon Railroad is your answer! Go on a 20-mile journey ride and view extreme natural beauty on Arizona’s longest-running nature show!  

Horsin’ Around

Horsin Around Sedona Ticket Station

Horsin’ Around Adventures offers a unique horseback riding experience in the most beautiful place in the world, Sedona, AZ. Wine lovers get a load of this! Horsin’ Around’s trails along Oak Creek, leading horseback riders through fun terrain with stunning views of wine country vistas and wildlife habitats. And with the proper package, you can taste up to 5 wine tastings of your choice! Guests will experience the natural beauty of the Southwest with expert guiders to lead the way.

Let Sedona Ticket Station make this dream vacation come true for you and your family by saving you money on tickets to Sedona’s best air and land attractions. Call us now at 1.800.284.9240. 

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Horsin Around - Cowpoke Ride

Horsin Around - 1.5 Hr Cowpoke Ride
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Guidance Air Anasazi Tour

Explore the canyons and cliff dwellings of Sedona’s ancient ones from a view you’ll find nowhere else
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Verde Canyon Train Ride Coach

Arizona’s longest-running nature show … railroad style.
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Northern Light Hot Air Balloon Ride

At dawn, quietly soaring over one of the most beautiful places in the world. An experience of a lifetime…