Planning a trip to Arizona?

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6 Things to Pack for your Upcoming Trip to Arizona

1. Camera

Sedona’s natural wonders and beautiful sights are worth the trip to the Southwest. Capture your memories digitally and share them with your family and friends back at home, especially if you are visiting Arizona gems like Antelope Canyon and The Grand Canyon.

2. Sunscreen, Hat and Sunglasses

If you are considering taking a trip to Arizona, you are probably planning on doing outdoor activities like hiking, going on Jeep Tours, ATVs, etc. It is important that you protect your skin and eyes from sun exposure. It is recommended to apply sunscreen 20 minutes before going outside and reapply every 2 hours to avoid sunburn.

3. Snacks and Water

Prevent heat-related illnesses by staying hydrated, no matter if you are visiting during summer or winter. The climate in Arizona is drier than what you might expect during winter, and the sun rays are the strongest during summertime. All the exciting activities can take a lot of energy out of you faster than you can imagine, so it is also important to also carry snacks like dried fruit, mixed nuts, and granola bars to fuel up!

4. Sneakers or Hiking Shoes

Proper footwear is key when it comes to both comfort and safety. Hiking trails might be slippery and you might want to protect your feet from rocks on trails, cactus needles, etc.

5. Backpack

Bringing a lightweight backpack to hiking tours is essential to carry your wallet, water, sunscreen, snacks, needed medication, and any extra clothes you might need for later in the day.

6. Layers of clothing

The temperature in Arizona varies throughout the day. A summer day can start in the 80s and drop to the 50s at nighttime. Make sure to pack a light jacket or any extra clothes that might keep you warm in the evenings.

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