Hot Air Balloon over Sedona

with a Champagne Picnic Breakfast to Follow

Northern Light Balloon Expeditions

Soar over the expansive Arizona landscape for a truly otherwordly experience. With a birdseye view of the beautiful copper red rocks below and the peaceful quiet of being above the clouds, your hot air balloon adventure will be the highlight of your Sedona vacation. As the oldest and largest of Sedona's balloon companies, Northern Light Balloon Expeditions, founded in 1973, has the longest flying record of any balloon company in the state of Arizona, and is one of only two balloon companies permitted to take off and land in the Sedona area. 

Experience an intimate flying experience in a six-passenger hot-air balloon, or make a family outing with their recently added 12-passenger hot-air balloon. Whether you're celebrating a romantic special occasion for two or looking for a unique family or friend outing in the Arizona expanse, Northern Light Balloons offers an adventure unlike anything else. 

With all aircraft, ground support, and vehicles exceeding FAA and balloon industry standards, Northern Light Balloon Pilots are all high-houred, FAA licensed and seasoned professionals of the highest caliber. Enjoy the uniquely sublime experience of hot-air balloon flight with Northern Light Balloons!

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Northern Light Hot Air Balloon Ride

At dawn, quietly soaring over one of the most beautiful places in the world. An experience of a lifetime…
Did You Know?
Verde Canyon Railroad is Arizona’s longest running nature show that provides a 20-mile round trip through a wild and scenic river canyon.