Secret Mountain Sedona Intensive Vortex Tour


This is a 2-3 hour private tour, completely customized for you, your partner, family or group to experience the vortex energies.

It is a time to be guided in a private and personal Spiritual Journey to remove emotional blockages and stress, promote healing of your mind, body and spirit, and gain understanding about your personal and professional relationships.

Our guides teach you about vortexes and the polarities of yourself and the Universe. We assist you to remove emotional blocks to improve the quality of your life. We not only help you see your life in a new prospective; we help you to connect to the power of yourself and become freer to follow your spiritual path.

Do you have decisions you need to make? Could you use a different perspective of a situation in your life? Allow our professional counselors and certified healers to help you create the life you deserve.

Did You Know?
Verde Canyon Railroad is Arizona’s longest running nature show that provides a 20-mile round trip through a wild and scenic river canyon.