Secret Mountain Full Life Tour


Customized Four-Hour Sedona Healing Package

You will experience an amazing three hours of the Sedona Vortex Intensive Spiritual Journey followed by a one hour Psychic Reading and Shamanic Session to complete the intention you set for your Full Life Healing experience. We guide you more deeply into physical and emotional healing to create changes you desire. You may choose to experience the energies of the Vortex Sites and/or the power of the Medicine Wheel as it affects you and your life situation.  We use healing tools to help you learn to release your worries and set your goals for a happier, healthier new you. You discover more about your spiritual path and in addition you receive new tools to create joy and prosperity.  The personal psychic session tops off your day of inspiration to move forward on your path refreshed, rejuvenated, and clear for the next steps you will be taking in your life.  

Did You Know?
Guidance Air is one of the few places where you can experience a one of a kind helicopter and jeep adventure.