Pink Jeep Ancient Ruin/Diamondback Gulch Combo


Adventure and intrigue in one amazing tour with an expert guide and an open-air Jeep Wrangler. Enjoy a heart pounding 4 x 4 tour combined with the history behind a 700-year-old Sinaguan cliff dwelling.

 TOUR TIME: Approximately 4 hours

Looking for the adventure of a heart pounding 4 x 4 tour combined with the intrigue of a 700-year-old Sinaguan cliff dwelling? Then this adventure combo tour is for you, where you can enjoy the best two experiences Sedona has to offer. You will be amazed as you experience a rugged off-road adventure in an open-air Jeep Wrangler and captivated as you stand among the ancient walls and listen as your guide offers insight into the meanings and symbolism of the intriguing rock-art.

Children ages 18months-12 require a child's ticket.

Did You Know?
For the sixth year in a row, Pink Adventure Tours has been recognized as the Best Ground Tour Company for its commitment to quality and service by the Southern Nevada Hotel Concierge Association.